Project & Task management

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Easily manage your projects and tasks

Managing projects and tasks is not always easy.

I created this template to help freelancers or anyone who wants a simple and efficient way to manage his projects.

Start your day by checking your statistics

Every morning you can get an overview of what you need to do today, this week and what's planned for later.

Those statistics will update automatically every time you work on your tasks.

See when each task has been planned

Collect tasks in your inbox, plan them for today, next week or later.

Don't forget your overdue tasks and the one you archived can also be found in this view.

Get an overview of every projects you are working on

Every time you mark a task as done the progress bar of your project will slowly get to 100%.

Set a deadline for your projects and see which projects are not started yet.

Start every project from a predefined template

In your project template, define the tasks you need for every project in the bullet list below the table.

Once you create a new project, drag those in the table above. Don't forget to use the "New task" template for every tasks once created, this will automate everything else.

Keep an eye on your meeting notes

Whenever you need it you can go back and check your meeting notes. Linked them with your projects so you quickly find them in the project page.

What are the benefits?

  1. Always have an overview of what you need to do next
  2. Never forget anything anymore by using your inbox to add all your ideas
  3. See when a project is almost finished
  4. Enjoy the end of your day when you see "0 task planned for today"

What's inside?

  • Overall statistics about your tasks, projects that automatically updates as you are working.
  • Task database with your inbox, today, this week and overdue views
  • Projects database for all your "in progress" and "not started" projects.
  • Meeting notes database that you can link to your projects
  • Everything is linked together which means every time you create a new projects the task you define in your templates will be automatically added.
  • Task template, Project template and Meeting note template that you can of course adapt to your needs.


How to download the template?

Open the template link, then click "Duplicate" on the top right corner to duplicate it to your workspace.

Still have questions?

Send your feedback or requests to

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Project & Task management

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